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Review: 9
Fear or loved
On Wednesday, I saw 9 in the theater with Cecilia. Maybe I had unrealistically high expectations for this film, but I was not satisfied with it. I expected it to say something more thematically, maybe even politically, but it fell WAY short. The animation was great, and the characters were even likable, but you don't really get too into them. The story is filled with holes, and there are so many "whys" that never get answered that it is distracting.

The good things about this film: it was very short (little more than an hour long), the animation, and the voiceover performances. Also, it is not actively horrible.

The bad things about this film: just about everything else.

I wouldn't recommend seeing it in the theater (well, the cheap theaters would be okay), but other than that I think it is not worth the money.