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waxing existential
I had a dream a couple of weeks ago where my friend's daughter told me that she didn't believe in God, and in my dream, I told her that that was sad. She told me that there was no scientific proof that he existed, and she asked me why I believed. In my dream, I told her that I knew that God existed because of the spark that exists within every human being, the something inside us all that makes us strive for something more -- to be more, to have more, to accomplish more. And that, to me, was proof enough that there is something divine out there, because if there weren't, there would be no need within us to try to be better. I liked the dream because it taught me something that I believe, but had never actively voiced.

I don't know a lot of things about this life, but if there is something I do know, it is that there is a reason. There is a lot of confusion on this planet regarding all types of issues, and people believe that there is only one right way on all sides of the issues. There is confusion now, but if there is one other thing I know, it is that there is a solution to the tangled knot, and we may never know what it is in this life, but we can be confident that there is a way to untangle it.