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(no subject)
I don't know what a roving substitute is, but on October 15, I get to do it! I am such a substitute teacher.

In other news, it has recently (within the last two weeks) come to my attention that I tend to not be completely honest all of the time. I've known for a long time that my integrity wasn't the best, but I had no idea that I was really bad. Now, I could have said that I have been a really bad liar, but truthfully, I did not consider myself one because I hardly ever outright lie. I tend to exaggerate, smudge the details, or guess a lot of the time when I should say I don't know. The point is I didn't realize that I had a big problem, so I have been turning over a new leaf to be perfectly honest everyday. I have to say that if I had known that telling the truth was so much fun, I would have started doing it so much sooner. I'm not that smart of a person, well, I'm not that self-aware, anyway, and that's why it took me so long to figure it out.

My mom is out of town until Monday. It has been... not the most fun without her. However, I do get to go to Disneyland tomorrow (today, Friday) with Cecilia and her mom. This will be the fourth time in three weeks. That is what we call making the most of your annual pass.

I'm going to go to sleep now.