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Shows you should be watching!
California bear

better-off-ted Better off Ted is a quirky little gem of a TV show that is made of awesome. Imagine The Office meets Arrested Development meets Eureka, and you've got our show. The characters are quirky but believable, cute yet relatable, and most of all entertaining. The cast features Arrested Development alum Portia de Rossi as heartless corporate boss Veronica, as well as (cute as heck) Jay Harrington (Ted), who has played a lot of doctors in the past (Dr. Wyatt Lockhart from Private Practice, Dr. Ron McCreadie from Desperate Housewives, Dr. Simon O'Keefe from Summerland, and he even played Dr. Ravoc on an episode of Star Trek Voyager). Andrea Anders plays the lovable Linda (you may remember her as the cute next-door neighbor from Friends spinoff Joey). Jonathan Slavin and Malcolm Barrett play the scientists, and even though they contribute to the most fantastic elements of the show (such as growing cowless beef), they are so relatable they bring the show back down to earth.

This show doesn't return to ABC until midseason, but I suggest getting caught up on it before then. You can watch episodes nine through 13 on ABC's website. The DVD doesn't come out until December 1, but you can order all 13 of their episodes to watch instantly online through Amazon.com (and iTunes, probably). If you lack the ability or funds to acquire these episodes online, please send me a note, and I can point you in the right direction.

While Better off Ted is high quality comedy of the half-hour variety, the next show I am going to recommend is not very high-quality drama of the hour variety: The Vampire Diaries. Truthfully, I can't remember the last time I was so excited about a television show. It's vampires and high school fun times. (I'm extremely sad that I missed this panel at comic con.)

First, you have Stefan Salvatore. He's a vampire. Which means that he is automatically extremely hot. He has been the-vampire-diaries-cast-picture around since at least the 1860s, but for some reason he comes back to home base, Mystic Falls (I know! Isn't that the coolest name?), to go back to high school. He channels a lot of Edward Cullen/Max Evans, and like Edward Cullen/Max Evans, he totally has a crush on girl-next-door-type Elena Gilbert (Bella Swan/Liz Parker).

Secondly, it's vampires and high school! And metaphors for life! And pretty people with their white people problems! I crave this show like a junkie craves dope. I'm not sure what it is about it, but everything about it screams "watch me; I'm awesome!" And I'm like, "I will watch you every day if I can." I know what the show is, and I know it's the equivalent of empty television calories, but I don't care. I'm going to eat it just like I eat those delicious rice crispy treats I have hidden in my room. Because those rice crispy treats taste good. This show is equally delicious and gooey. Watch it Thursdays 8/7 on the CW. You can catch up with old episodes on their website.