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California bear

  • 22:36 preparing my Sunday school lesson. #

Joan of Arcadia
On Halloween morning, I woke up and my right arm was inexplicably swollen. On Monday, I got it x-rayed, and there was nothing wrong with the bones. I went to the doctor, and none of them knew what was wrong with it. I kind of felt like a patient on HOUSE. They took my blood, and they got the results back on Wednesday. They said my uric acid levels were a little high and gave me a prescription for gout. I really don't think it is gout, though. I don't drink, and I don't really eat a lot of meat. Also, the swelling has moved down from my elbow region to my hand and wrist. There is no redness, and I don't think it is very painful, because I haven't felt anything even autonomically. Also, the swelling doesn't seem to be located in the joints.

Anyhow, I hope it gets better, but it is still swollen. I have it in an Ace bandage right now. Truthfully, I really wanted it to be a broken bone, because then I could have gotten a really cool looking cast, and it would have held my arm in a bent position. (My arm always wants to be straight.)