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Among the various things I did today, one of them was starting to read "Pride and Prejudice." Is it ridiculous that I majored in literature and writing and have never read this book? Don't answer that question. It's rhetorical, and plus, I know it is. And that's why I'm reading it now. And also because Cecilia told me to. :-)

My mom and Katelynne (and Cecilia) have been putting together puzzles a lot lately. So far, they have put together three: a seal puzzle (500 pieces), a collage puzzle (750 pieces), and one of some place in France (1000 pieces). Katelynne is a puzzle fiend. She is so serious about putting puzzles together that if, in the course of emptying pieces on the table, she finds a couple pieces stuck together, she will break them apart and mix them in with the rest of the pieces. That's hard-core.

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  • 22:10 "Heya" by Outcast always makes me want to dance. What songs make you want to get up and dance? #