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random stuff
geek, Luke
River, my little niece, is getting cuter every single day. She is super precious and hardly ever cries. When she does cry, it's really quiet and not for a very long time. She is SUCH a good baby.

Today, was Tiana's last day. She has been my helper for the past month or so. Woe!

Today, I got some new socks! Yay! I didn't like paying two dollars per pair, but they look like really good socks, so we'll see how they do. I also got washcloths, two undershirts, and Camelback refills.

I have a goals sheet that I have been filling out at the end of every day to note my progress in my various areas of potential accomplishment. I made it in Microsoft Excel, and I really love it. It prevents me from wasting time, and forces me to use my time more wisely. Based on how well I do in each category, I get a score 0-5. Then I have it total up my points and give me a percentage for the day. So far, my highest percentage has been 80, and my lowest has been 49. I'd really like to get it up to 100. Knowing that I have to fill it out and input a value at the end of the day keeps me strangely motivated. Anyhow, I'm going to include the chart I made up my progress for the first seven days I did my goals sheet.


In conclusion, I'm very aware that I am a total geek.

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  • 21:05 The moonwalking Verizon wireless arrow guy (Clinton Keith & 15) always makes me really happy. I love him! #