November 22nd, 2009


Top Three Favorite Michael Jackson Songs

There are a lot of good Michael Jackson songs, but I'd like to talk a little bit about my three favorite Michael Jackson songs.

#1: Billie Jean. I don't know what it is about this song, but it's just super great. The lyrics don't have any particular significance to me, but the music is so pretty it makes me want to simultaneously cry and dance.

#2: Please don't judge me, but my next favorite is Will You Be There? Yes, the song from FREE WILLY. It's really nostalgic for me. First of all, I really liked that movie. Secondly, I got to sing this song with my seventh or eighth grade choir and it was epic.

#3: Black or White. I remember watching this video when I was a kid and just thinking it was amazing. First of all, you have John Goodman being the dad of Macaulay Culkin, and then John Goodman gets blasted into outer space by the power of Macaulay's speakers, and then when he finally lands he's in the middle of the Serengeti where Michael Jackson starts dancing with a group of African hunters. Then they run and suddenly they're dancing with some Chinese girls, and then Michael is dancing with Indians, and then he is dancing with the other type of Indians, and then he is surrounded by a circle of Russian dancers, and then he's in the middle of a snow globe which gets picked up by a couple of racially diverse babies who are sitting on top of a papier-mâché world, and then suddenly Michael Jackson is dancing with Macaulay on a door stoop in some city, and Macaulay is all blinged out and he does the rapping part. After that, Michael walks through fire which I think is a deep metaphor for racial tension. It ends with this really cool face morphing technology wherein all these people from different racial backgrounds sing and then they turn into each other. So, basically, it's the best video ever, which is why I like it so much. It was the first music video that I was ever impressed with, which is why it's my third favorite Michael Jackson song.

What are your favorite Michael Jackson songs?
TV love

so thankful

I have so much to be thankful for in my life. First of all, I'm grateful to be alive, and I have many people to thank for that. I love living, and I love life. I like this world, and I love that I am a part of it. There is so much happiness just from that simple fact.

Secondly, I am grateful for people. I love my family and my friends. I couldn't have asked for better ones. My parents are supportive and loving, and I'm very close with them. My brothers and sisters are great people who are constantly trying to improve their own and others' lives. My friends are wonderful individuals who play a big part when it comes to my self-esteem. Also, I just love people, in general. No matter where I'm at, I want others to be happy, and I am concerned for each of them. I think that's why it's hard for me to read/watch the news, because when other people are experiencing such pain or loss or grief, I feel so strongly for them that I sometimes cry, as cheesy as that sounds.

Thirdly, I am grateful for my advantages and opportunities which I enjoy. Not only do I live in one of the most prosperous countries in the world, but I also live in one of the best places to live, hands down. Not everyone has or will have that opportunity, and I do. And I know that it's special, and I'm glad that I get that opportunity. I also enjoy a lot of advantages -- education, religion, employment, those of the socioeconomic variety -- and I am grateful for those. They make me very happy, and I recognize that they are advantages that not everyone has.

Lastly, I am grateful for everything else -- music, art, books, technology, medicine, nature, animals, food, things. I'm even thankful for my challenges, because I know that they make me a stronger, better person.

I started out the day with some difficult physical challenges (shoulder pain), but it's hard to stay upset when there is so much in my life I should be glad about.