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It's 5:30 PM, and it feels like 10:30 PM. This part of the year is my least favorite, despite Thanksgiving being my all-time favorite holiday. It's because of the DARK. Also, the cold. But, I live in Southern California, so I can't emphasize cold the way I emphasized dark.

Anyhow, speaking of Thanksgiving, we are going out to eat on Thanksgiving day. Normally, I am the one who is against eating out, because I love all of the home-cooked goodness on Thanksgiving, but it is a real hassle to make all of that food. The best part about Thanksgiving, to me, anyway, is the turkey sandwiches afterwards, and we are going to cook a turkey, even if we aren't cooking it for the giant meal.

On December 5, we are having an early Christmas for Kurtis who leaves for Air Force basic training on December 8. We will be cooking a lot of food for him on that day, too, so it'll be like a nice after Thanksgiving feast.