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Top 13 Christmas Songs of All Time
12. "Mary's Boy Child" -- I remember hearing this song when I was probably nine or 10 years old and thinking, "I've never heard anything like this before." I like it for its originality and because of the vocal arrangements. It's a really beautiful song.
11. "Bow down before the Power of Santa" -- I usually get really cynical around the holidays. A holiday that is supposed to be about love, family, and Jesus seems to be more and more about consumerism and Santa every year. That's why I love this song so much. It's over-the-top and lovely. Thank you so much, Invader Zim.
10. "God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman" -- I first remember hearing this song when I was in middle school, seventh grade. And while most middle school memories are not of the fond variety, this one, for some reason, was. I heard the song and I loved it instantly. I also like it because it is a hopeful song.
9. "Do You Hear What I Hear?" -- I know that this song is silly, but I can't help thoroughly loving it. That's something mystical about a lamb being able to hear the wind, and then being able to communicate with a shepherd boy, and then something awesome about a shepherd boy being able to access a mighty king and tell him about some other little boy shivering from the cold. I like that the king tells everyone to pray for peace. It's got a great message.
8. "Carol of the Bells" -- I sang this song with my high school choir one year, and then another year I played this song as a piano trio for a recital one year, too. It's also really nostalgic for me because it reminds me of HOME ALONE, and I remember really loving that movie when I was a kid. The original Christmas song "Somewhere in My Memory" from that movie narrowly missed being in my top 12. Anyhow, "Carol" is a very beautiful song.
7. "Sleigh Ride" -- When I was in high school, we played this song every year for the holiday concert. If you are a percussionist, you get to play the best instruments for this song. I remember one year I got to play the coveted sleigh bells, and then my senior year I got to play the whip crack, and it was awesome. This song will forever be in my heart because of those fond memories.
6. "Still, Still, Still" -- We sang this song every year in my high school choir. It's beautiful. It also reminds me of my mom, because we had this CD of Christmas songs when I was a kid, and the German version of this song was on it, and we couldn't understand the German, so we made up our own words: "Milk, milk, milk: I like to drink my chocolate milk." Good memories!
5. "Silent Night" -- This song is classic. When I was in elementary school, I got to learn this song in German, Spanish and American sign language. I also have fond memories of singing this song with my good friend Lachelle when we were in high school. The Murrieta Valley High School choir sings this song every year with candles and it's amazing.
4. "What Child Is This?" -- I am a sucker for a beautiful song in a minor key, and that's what this is. Beautiful lyrics to a song you might remember as "Greensleeves." It's absolutely brilliant.
3. "Breath of Heaven" by Amy Grant -- I first heard this song when I was in high school, and it blew me away. It's a song about Mary's thoughts being the mom of the son of God. I was a part of a choir in high school that went to nursing homes and sang Christmas songs, and a couple of girls in my choir sang this as a duet while a third did this amazing interpretive dance to it, and I could not have loved something more. It was breathtaking, and the song still is.
2. "Oh Holy Night" -- This song reminds me of my dad, because he likes to sing this song during all times of the year, but there is no denying that the song isn't genius. In other words, this song is pure genius, brilliance, and it's amazing. The first time I heard this song, it touched my heart deeply.
1. "Welcome Christmas" -- Yes, this is the song from the cartoon movie THE GRINCH WHO STOLE CHRISTMAS, but that doesn't make it any less awesome. This song, to me, embodies what Christmas is about -- being with your family or friends and loving one another. It should be a reminder that Christmas is not about getting stuff, but about loving people: "as long as we have hands to clasp."

And -- my most favorite Christmas song of all time: "The Little Drummer Boy." I heard this song from the radio just the other day, and I nearly cried. Not only is THE LITTLE DRUMMER BOY my favorite Christmas movie, but I was also a percussionist, so I relate with the drummer boy in that way. Also, the drummer boy was poor, and didn't have any gifts to bring, so he played his drum, and he played played his best for him. It reminds me that Christmas is not about stuff, but it is about doing and being our best, and whatever that is, it's enough.