December 6th, 2009

Panda hug!

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Thanks, Julie, Erica, and Jen for gifting me with virtual snowflake cookies. It's so sweet of you to think of me!

We had an early Christmas celebration dinner today for Kurtis, who leaves for San Diego tomorrow, and then leaves for Texas on Tuesday. I am going to miss him SO much! I gave him a speech, and I am reposting it here:

It is difficult to prepare a speech that completely encompasses what Kurtis Spencer means to all of us, but I am going to try my best to elaborate what makes Kurtis such a superb human being.

First of all -- but by no means most importantly -- is his ability to continue to look good at all times. Not very many people in our family have this ability, in fact, Kurtis may be the only one. The fact that Kurtis has this amazing ability is a testament not to his shallowness, as one unaccustomed to Kurtis might assume, but to his confidence in himself. This is a trait that will serve him well when he completes basic training.

Secondly, let us break down the more clandestine meaning behind Kurtis Spencer. His name, for example, means "short leggings" and "dispenser of provisions." I know what you're thinking right now -- "Kim, you just made that up," but I didn't. You can look it up on the verified baby names Internet site on which I found this bit of information. In addition to Kurtis meaning "short leggings" it also means "courteous and polite," words not commonly associated with Kurtis. However, I have seen the courteous and polite side of Kurtis, like when he randomly asks me if he could do anything for me (even when he doesn't want something from me), or when he graciously helps me when I need it. I know that these are qualities that Kurtis has, and as he further develops them he will become a "dispenser" of more than just provisions -- but of kindness and goodwill. These traits will serve him well in the Air Force and beyond.

Thirdly, and as dad would probably think is the most prominent feature of Kurtis's, is his amazing sense of humor. Kurtis has -- on more than one occasion -- made me laugh so hard that I have cried. Even when he doesn't make me laugh with jokes, his laughter always brightens my day, because who would expect such a goofy giggle coming from such a big tough guy. The guys he will go through basic training with don't know how lucky they are to have Kurtis with them, or how jealous of them I'm going to be because they are the ones who are going to be laughing with Kurtis.

Penultimately, Kurtis has the passion to go for his dreams. He has wanted to be in the military ever since the fifth grade when he wrote "World War Four: Attack of the Killer Goop Monsters" where Kurtis and his squad saved the world from devastation by killing the goop monsters with experimental AA automatic charging airstraining laser guns. For a time, he also wanted to be a policeman. I have fond memories of watching many episodes of COPS with him. The career he is choosing combines both of these early desires, and there are not many people in this world who can say that they are fulfilling their childhood dreams.

Finally, Kurtis is a genuinely good person. He has a heart that feels, and a sound mind. The Air Force doesn't even know what an irreplaceable asset Kurtis is, but they will soon find out as he goes through basic training and succeeds.

Kurtis, we love you so much and are extremely proud of you. We will miss you like the sun misses the flower. Like the sun misses the flower in the depths of winter. Be wise, patient, and never forget who you are -- not only a courteous dispenser of provisions -- but our brother or son -- and a son of God who has divine potential to do good. To Kurtis!

I will miss my brother so much. I hope that we get to see him graduate in February.