December 14th, 2009


Comic Con, ghost kid

So, if you are wanting to come to comic con, and you haven't purchased tickets yet, single day tickets go on sale tomorrow! I was lucky enough to snatch the last couple of four-day tickets to be sold, but you don't want to miss out! (I can't believe they sold out so quickly this year; pretty soon, we're going to have to buy them for the next year while still at the convention!)

I'm really cold right now.

Okay, so last night (really this morning), I had this horrible nightmare where this ghost kid tried to possess my body, and it was really scary. I could actually feel the ghost kid pushing my soul out of my body. When I woke up, I could not speak, move, or open my eyes, and it was also more difficult than usual to breathe. It still felt like the ghost kid was trying to kill me. It took a couple of minutes to be able to move like normal again. Crazy, right?