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30 rock, lemon holiday
I'm really excited for Christmas this year. I don't usually get too excited because, I don't know, sometimes I let my expectations get too high and then I'm horribly disappointed. Last year, I kind of expected to get a calendar for Christmas because it was the only thing I really wanted, but I didn't get it. Anyhow, I'm not that materialistic, so it doesn't really matter what I get for Christmas. It's all just stuff, but what I do treasure the most is spending time with my family, and this year my brother and sister from Utah are coming for Christmas, and I'm so happy about that, even if I will miss Kristine and her family and Kurtis (Air Force).

I'm excited about my church Christmas party, too. I've always liked the church Christmas parties, even when we don't have the talent show part, but tomorrow we are! Yeah!