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(no subject)
Joan of Arcadia
I had a really great Sunday. Church was awesome, and afterward we had an awesome turkey family dinner. It was super good. Then we all wrote letters to Kurtis. After that, my friend Rebecca came over and we played Star Wars DVD Trivial Pursuit (she won), and then we watched a couple episodes of GLEE. I think I converted her!

Today, I slept in until almost 11. I don't know what's up with that. I had a headache all day long, too. But I did get the very last of my Christmas shopping done at the grocery store, so yay!

I'm thinking about getting a Kodak KI6 HD video camera. I have lots of ideas of short films I'd like to make, and I need something computer compatible. I looked into the Mino HD, but the color isn't as good as the KI6. I found a nice refurbished one on Amazon for under $100. I'm kind of excited for that, actually.

Oh yeah, I went to a nice party for my church on Saturday. It was really cool and totally fun. They had a sort of raffle drawing, and I won three prizes! I hardly ever win anything, but I was very excited to win three times. I actually did feel really lucky that night. Katelynne and I sang "Bow down before the Power of Santa" together for the talent show portion. Also, on Saturday, I discovered that one of my fillings fell out of my tooth. I bought some temporary fillings stuff, but haven't put it in yet.

Speaking of unfortunate things, my chair was acting up today, and it wouldn't work for a while. My mom tried to fix it, and we thought she did, but then it did the same thing again. I hope it's not something permanent or unfixable.