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Full Force!
Joan of Arcadia
It's been too long since I've updated here, and that is so not cool.

Another thing that's not cool -- my wheelchair was broken for the past three weeks. It was really rough, but I am back in commission now (as of today, actually) and going full force.

Speaking of good news, it was great to have the support of my family and friends during this hard time for me. Monday, I got to go to Disneyland with a bunch of my friends, and they pushed me around the whole day and made sure that I was having a fun time. Also, when I was told it would take (at the soonest) two months to get my part, I had people rushing to my aid, promising (and delivering -- though I'm not quite sure about that one) to pay for my quite expensive wheelchair part. I am lucky!

Also, I posted pictures on my Facebook of my trip to Texas and Roswell, New Mexico. You can check it out here. I also give a lot of details about my trip on each individual photo, and there aren't a lot of photos, only 34, so it's really digestible.

I'm looking forward to getting tickets to the Glee concert! It's going to rock so much! Maybe it will swallow the sting of not being able to go to Paley Fest this year. (First time since 2003 not going.)

Other than that, I have been working on websites and doing stuff with my brother-in-law's company. It's good to be back in full force, though! Feels awesome!