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what I have been up to...
So, I started watching LOST right when it came out (actually, before it even came out, as I had seen a sneak peek of the pilot at comic con several years ago). I'm beginning to think that there are not going to be any answers to many of the show's dozens and dozens of questions. I start watching each show confused, and then, impossibly, at the end of the show, I'm even more confused. Is it even worth it? I don't know. And that's just one of the many questions I ask myself as I watch.

And that leads me to wonder... is there a way to tell beforehand if a television show is going to be really annoying to you in the long run? I feel like somewhere, someone has a scientific mathematical equation similar to the one written in Daniel Faraday/Whidmore's Journal that would be able to calculate exactly how much an individual will like a show based on its pilot, or how much a show will disappoint as it goes on based on who is running it. So, basically it's a mathematical equation that can predict the future. I know it's out there.

Speaking of predicting the future, I had a dream the other night that was totally psychic. It may seem inconsequential to probably everyone else, but it was super awesome for me. See, my mom and I have been watching a lot of MEDIUM lately, and the psychic on that show always has psychic dreams. So, one night, I actually prayed that I would have a psychic dream. That very night, I dreamed that when I checked my e-mail I had 13 unread messages. So, the next morning, when I checked my e-mail, I was super happy when I had 13 unread messages. Just like my dream! I think I am a little bit psychic, though. I just need to develop my skills further.

My sister, brother-in-law and niece moved to the mountains here in Southern California. I'm not sure why, because, if you're going to live in Southern California, wouldn't you want to live where the weather is awesome? Where they live, it SNOWS. I know, right? Gross. Anyhow, my other sister, brother-in-law, nephew & niece (and niece-to be; my sister is going to have a girl) also moved, but to Boise, Idaho, where it is even colder and more boring than where they were living in Utah. It's great that my brother-in-law is pursuing his dream to wrestle in the Olympics, but I just wish he could have found a coach closer to where I live.

In other news, my bank canceled my credit card on April Fools' Day. It wasn't an April Fools' Day joke, just a mistake. My dad called to cancel his lost card, but didn't have the number, so he gave them my mom's number. My mom has joint accounts with both of us, and the bank canceled the wrong card. In good news, my dad found his card a week later, and could still use it because his card had not been canceled. In very bad and annoying news, my new card has yet to show up, and right now I can't even watch Netflix because they need my credit card number. And I will have to update all the automatic payments that are not going through right now, and I can't even do it until I get that stupid card. And it looks like it's never going to come. I'm really angry at the bank.

We have been cleaning out the garage at my house for the past two weeks. As a result, I have a stack of boxes in my room that I need to go through. I know that some of the stuff is not necessary, like my grade school papers, and random stuff I bought from the thrift store when I was a teenager, but... it's hard to throw away things you've been keeping for two decades or more. I don't know why. I've thrown away a lot of stuff already, but much more needs to be done. Oh yeah, and by "thrown away," I mean "recycled." Because I care about the earth. And I use reusable bags when I go shopping. Now I feel like I'm just bragging. Anyhow, it's important to care about the environment. Even if you do believe the world is going to end. No one knows when it will, and it just makes sense to conserve our natural resources as much as possible! Okay, I'm done.

So, that's what I have been up to lately: watching LOST and MEDIUM, missing my siblings who have moved, being annoyed at my bank for being extremely stupid, and cleaning the garage.