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So, I watched this Nova documentary on Machu Picchu, and I guess it's been on my mind lately, because last night I totally had a crazy dream heavily featuring Machu Picchu.

In my dream, I actually lived in a regular house overlooking Machu Picchu. It was very weird, because I know that my house had regular road access and was located in America, but when I looked out my window -- Machu Picchu. So the first time I saw Machu Picchu out my window, I saw my sister Kellie riding Chewbacca, like he was a racehorse -- piggyback style. Anyway, they were rushing towards this invisible force field that I, of course, could see, and when they hit it, they morphed into this blob that morphed into a cartoon version of my sister as a toddler. Then, KeriAnn, Kevin Nathan, Kristine and I were all morphed into cartoon versions of ourselves as children. It was like we were trapped there, and we didn't know a way out. Also, in my dream, Machu Picchu was very labyrinthine, so it was easy to get lost. Anyhow, we somehow called a meeting to all of the people who were stuck there and couldn't get out. So, who else was stuck there -- Darth Vader and Aurora from Disney's Sleeping Beauty (who was really angry and very mean, which I wasn't expecting). I woke up before we could formulate a plan to get out of there.

In other crazy news, I just found out that Twilight author Stephenie Meyer used to babysit me as a child. I didn't know because I had no idea her maiden name was Morgan. I had a HUGE crush on her little brother Paul, who I thought was just the dreamiest ever. I wanted to marry him and have all of his adorable babies. But that was when I was 12. I don't think I liked her very much as my babysitter. I think she was mean. Also, I distinctly remember that one time she wore a longsleeved shirt with shorts, and I remember thinking that she must have had a very bad day to have dressed like that.