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The A-Team
Computer love
On Tuesday, I saw "The A-Team." I was not sure about the movie, because, well, I loved the original series, and watched it sporadically as a small child, and so many times people ruin stuff by making them "modernized." I went in with pretty low expectations, but I really liked the film. And when I say I really liked it, I have been thinking about maybe seeing it again, which is something I don't usually do, even if I like a film quite a bit.

The acting was really excellent, and it was cool to see Sharlto Copely in such an awesome role (Murdock); he did an amazing job. The other actors were likewise really great, and Jessica Biel was extremely pretty, as was Bradley Cooper. It was difficult for me to buy Liam Neeson realistically smoking cigars. I don't know. To me, he is such a classy guy, and I do not equate that with cigar smoking, apparently.

Anyhow, the characters were developed well, and the plot was excellent. It never crossed over the line into super ridiculosity, though it came dangerously close in some parts, but that's to be expected from "The A-Team," in general.

It was cool, also, because it was an origin story, and not a boring one. Anyhow, see this film. It's great! You won't be sorry.