June 27th, 2010

geek, Luke

Captain's log...

What I did Thursday 06/24:
#1 I got stretched and out of bed
#2 I read more of my book
#3 I helped my mom make ultra healthy burritos for dinner (they were really good)
#4 I did more research on writing my screenplay
#5 I was really missing Katelynne because she was at Kori's, and Cecilia, because she stayed down in San Diego.
#6 I went with my mom to the bank, frozen yogurt (I got strawberry and mango gelato), and Target. It was really fun.
That's all I can remember.

What I did Friday 06/25:
#1 I stayed in bed for a while in the morning time, but then I got stretched and out of bed around 11 AM
#2 I finished my book
#3 I played games on my computer and watched some TV programs with Chris
#4 We ate dinner a little earlier than usual because I had tutoring appointment at 6 PM.
#5 I tutored this sociology student named Angela in sociology, and it went very well.
#6 I hung out with my family, Cecilia and her family who is visiting (her mom and brother).

What I did Saturday 06/26:
#1 I stayed in bed until almost 4 PM, but I did somewhat productive things like make comic con bingo sheets. They are really awesome, and I'm totally excited for comic con.
#2 I got out of bed, and then Katelynne and I cleaned out my van (was very dirty).
#3 I took a nap.
#4 Katelynne and I cooked and ate a pizza that was really tasty while my parents were at the movies seeing "Knight and Day," which they said was very funny and good.
#5 Katelynne and I watched "Bones" with mom.
That's it.

What I am going to do today:
#1 Get out of bed.
#2 Go to church.
#3 Eat dinner with my family.