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Massive Update
There's a lot to update... and I'm really far behind on what I should be talking about on my journal, so I get in this pattern where I just don't do it because it's just too daunting, but I'm going to take a stab at it now, and I hope I don't get interrupted or anything until I'm finished.

Comic con was fantastic, but so much work, like it always is. To me, it never feels like a vacation where I can relax and sit back or anything. This year, Katelynne, Kevin, Cecilia and Barbie came with me. The highlights were that our room got upgraded (for free) because they didn't have an ADA room for me, and as a result we got the amazing presidential suite which usually goes for $1000 a night; seeing all of my beautiful LJ peeps (it was great to have dinner with you all, but it's never enough!); and as for the actual event, I really liked the USA panels, especially PSYCH; Chuck was also very good; Myth Busters was likewise entertaining and excellent. I also was very happy about Vampire Diaries, even if almost every single fan question was like, "who's hotter -- Stefan or Damon!?" It was cool to get those giant Warner Bros. bags. We ended up getting the Batman ones, but we traded for two Big Bang Theory ones, a Chuck one, and a Vampire Diaries one. We had a great time at the Big Bang Theory panel, even though we weren't allowed to go in until it was halfway over. That was really depressing because we had actually dressed up as the characters of that show -- I was Leonard, Cecilia was Howard, Barbie was Rajesh, Kevin was Sheldon, and Katelynne was Penny.

One thing I don't really like about comic con is how obsessed all the nerds are with waiting in line/attending every single panel in a room all day to watch the one panel they want to watch. I understand why someone would go to such lengths, but it's just not healthy behavior, also it just pisses me off. I know that's why we didn't get into the Big Bang panel, because diehard True Blood fans were taking up all the space. So, a bunch of people who don't even care about the show that we had dressed up for were taking up my space. You see how one would get angry at that kind of thing, right?

I didn't really brave Hall H that much this year, either. Being in a giant room with 6000 other people is not what it used to be. I can't even really remember what we saw that was super great. They showed us a trailer for M. Night's newest movie "Devil," which was amusing because everyone was sort of hyped for it, and then when his name came on screen, everyone sort of collectively sighed with disappointment. I liked "The Sixth Sense" and "Signs" is one of my favorite movies, but after that... downhill. I thought that "The Village" was idiotic, but great for a good laugh, and I didn't see any of his other films. Anyhow, that is my most favorite Hall H memory. I wasn't there when the guy got stabbed in the eye.

We also got to see the LEVERAGE panel, which was cool, and BONES. I also made bingo sheets for everyone, and we had fun marking off the different costumes we saw while we were there. On the exhibition floor, I got to meet Ben Edlund, creator of THE TICK, and he signed some stuff for my sister. Also, randomly, I ran into Edgar Wright, director of SPACED and that new movie Scott Pilgrim Versus the World, which I saw the panel for, and it looks pretty cool. Michael Cera was super cute dressed up like Capt. America.

I really would have liked to have gone to the GLEE panel, but it was on Sunday, and we really like being home on Sunday (sabbath day and all that), so we didn't get to see it. I really wanted to go to church on Sunday, but I was still recuperating from our time at Comic Con. It's pretty rough for me not to be in my own bed at night. I'm really excited about my new computer that my dad got me for my birthday. It will hook up to my chair, and I'm sure it will make being away from home a lot nicer.

And I guess I could segue into my birthday, which was okay, I guess. I turned 30, and even though I love birthdays, and I love being happy, it was a pretty depressing day for me. I just felt so old all day long. We went to PF Chang's for lunch (my brothers and I). They were not really into the Chinese food, so it made it not as fun. Then, I had a meeting for one of my church callings (Sunday school instructor) that night, so I went to that. Right when I came home, I was surprised by Cecilia, who I thought was not going to be home for my birthday. She got me a bunch of small presents to remind me of my childhood, and made me feel all around special. Oh yeah, also, my mom wasn't home because she was helping Kristine in Iowa for Kevin Michael's wrestling tournament. I was also feeling really depressed about that, too. But, having Cecilia come home and surprise me was great, and it made my birthday 100 times better.

For my birthday celebration, I had a hippie party, and did I already talk about that? I guess I didn't. You can check out pictures from my party here. My mom made a really cool rainbow tie-dye cake, and a lot of people dressed up and it was really fun. I put all of my 30 candles in the center of the cake, and had to blow out a bonfire. I actually couldn't do it by myself! Pretty funny.

Other than that, I've been to a couple of really cool concerts this summer season -- GLEE LIVE, and the 30 Seconds to Mars show which my friends' band Neon Trees played. First I will talk about 30 Seconds to Mars. I'm not like a giant fan of them, but I really do like their sound and I respect them as artists. They put on a really great show, and it was fun to see Jarod Leto in person (who I am sure is a vampire because he literally has not aged in a decade and a half). So much pretty, even with his pink mohawk. Also playing were The Street Drum Corps (who I thought would be cool because of their name, but they were kind of disappointing to me); and Shiny Toy Guns, whose music I really like, but they were not that great live. They have two main singers, and I think it's very confusing for them on stage because no one really knows who is in charge of the show. Neon Trees, on the other hand, were great. Very energetic and awesome. They are super fun to see live, and we got to say hello to them after the show. It was a really great concert, and I've never been to the Greek Theatre before, so that was also a treat. I went to this concert with Cecilia and Marisa.

Now, on to GLEE LIVE. That was an amazing show, probably the most fun concert I've been to. First, LXD opened for them (Legion of Extraordinary Dancers), and we got to see a lot of really cool dancing, mind blowing, really. They were flipping around and robotisizing and just being extraordinary. Also, if you know me, you know how much I love dancing, so it was a very special treat for me.

The GLEE concert was so much fun. Everyone did a really amazing job, and we got to see "Don't Stop Believin'," "Push It" the Journey medley, "Somebody to Love," "Bad Romance," "Sweet Caroline," "Don't Rain on My Parade," "Dancing with Myself," "My Life Would Suck without You," "Beautiful," "Defying Gravity," "The Boy Is Mine," "Bust Your Windows," "Lady Is a Tramp," "Jump," "Like a Prayer," "True Colors," "It's My Life/Confessions," and "Halo/Walking on Sunshine." We also got to see some Vocal Adrenaline numbers "Rehab" and "Mercy." Those ones were just dance numbers. What I found most surprising was how good Santana was, simply amazing, and that Rachel Berry was kind of pitchy sometimes. Mercedes was awesome, as were Kurt and Finn. I thought that Finn would be a lot more awkward with his dance moves, but it really was not bad. Mike Chang was destroying everything with his dance moves, but Brittany really stole the show. She did this cute little interlude stuff, and was completely charming and funny. Also, that girl can move. It was so much fun. They also have videos of Mr. Schuster and Sue Sylvester sparring between numbers and at the beginning. Cecilia and Kevin went with me, and it was incredible. So much fun.

As for movies that I have recently seen, I checked out Toy story 3, which was excellent. I was in tears for the last 10 minutes of the movie. I also saw How to Train Your Dragon, but I was really tired that day, because I felt sleep for the middle third of the movie, and I don't really understand how it got from point A to point B, because I was snoozing.

Books: I have read both books in the Hunger Games series, and I am pretty obsessed. I've already reread the first one, and I'm in the middle of rereading the second one. I'm also reading "A Child Called It," which is very disturbing and sad.

Also, I've been to Disneyland once with Kevin and my mom this summer, and I've been to SeaWorld a couple of times -- once with my friend Rebecca, once with my friend Kamrin and her mom, and then again with my mom, Kevin, Kellie , Steven and my little niece River. Always enjoyable to be at SeaWorld, although they got rid of Riptide, which I think is a huge mistake (it was a singing, dancing and gymnastics show that they showed at night). They now have this other dolphin show called "Blue Horizons," which is okay. Truthfully, I liked the other dolphin show better, but this one is, I guess, more exciting because it has people dressed up like birds flying over Dolphin Stadium. They did renovate Dolphin Stadium, though, which was nice for me, because now I can have people actually sit next to me instead of having to sit in a row with a bunch of other wheelchair people while people I came with sit somewhere else. I think it's worthwhile to see cirque de la Mer, and Sea Lions Tonight is always a pleasure. One thing I wish they had at SeaWorld is a botanical tour. I found out from a pamphlet that they have over 3500 or 4500 (I can't remember which) different species of plants that grow there. It would be fun to learn about them.

So, that's my massive update.