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Books and grammar
I found this site online that lets you read like almost any book you could think of for free (they are e-books), but it is supremely awesome. Check it out here: Burgomeister's Books. I'm really excited about it, as I am reading the Ender series right now, and I will probably read the seventh Harry Potter book next because, yeah, I haven't read that one yet.

Anyhow, let's segue into completely unrelated topic -- well, I guess it's semi-related, as it has to do with language. So, I got the Dr. Horrible calendar for Christmas, and it's awesome, but this month they have all of the newspaper shots up, and one of them says "HEROES GIRLFRIEND MURDERED," which you know, is WRONG. It really makes Penny look like she gets around, being the girlfriend of several heroes.

So, what bothers you more: an apostrophe where one shouldn't be, or lack of an apostrophe where one should be?
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