October 3rd, 2010

Computer love


Is the beginning of the month, which means I'm feeling revitalized, and I want to do my New Year's resolutions again, which is why I'm writing in the journal.

I haven't gotten published yet this year. If I don't, it will mark the first time since 2006 where I haven't been published. I really wanted to do my books this year, but I don't know if that will happen. When we went to San Antonio in February, I turned off my computer, (mistakenly) thinking that it would be good for it to get a rest. When I came back, it wouldn't even boot. I lost a lot of my book, and a bunch of other files which were pretty important to me.

Ever since then, it's been hard to redo my book. The chapters I wrote were quite exciting, and I've tried to redo them, but it just hasn't been working out. Anyhow, now I rely on a home backup service called Mozy. It is most excellent. It backs up all of the changes on all of my drives (unlimited storage) for like five dollars a month. It's totally worth it for the peace of mind knowing that all my files are safe.

Speaking of things I like, I've never journaled about how much I love Tetra Mouse (http://tetramouse.com/). It has literally changed my life. Before, I could only work on the computer through voice recognition, which was great because the alternative was not being able to work on the computer at all, but now that I have a mouse I can control with my mouth, I can do a lot more, including play games, work in Photoshop and edit videos.

The mouse itself is quite awesome. I chose it because I wanted a mouse that I could use (hands-free) but without any intrusive software that needed to be installed to be able to make it work. I wanted a mouse that could plug into any machine and automatically work. That is where Tetra Mouse is so awesome. Not only is it great, but the customer service for the mouse is unparalleled. I had a problem with my mouse not working when I first got it, and I e-mailed support and before I could call back and tell them I didn't need them to send me anything new (spontaneously started working again), they had already shipped off a new device in the mail. It's a mom and pop operation, which makes me even more excited to support them. Also, the device is quite inexpensive for what you are getting. All in all, I'm a very satisfied customer who would recommend this device to anyone who needs a hands-free mouse. It is my firm belief that this mouse is the best out there.

So, I think I'm going to go and work on something and be creative or something. Maybe I will get published this year after all. ;-)