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Luke Wilson, my subconscious and October
geek, Luke
Two nights ago, I had a dream where Luke Wilson was my boyfriend, and it was a great, and very relaxing dream. He led me to a church, and then that church sunk into the earth, and everyone was trapped in the church. Then, we decided that we would find a way out through the back caves, so circa-1964 Beatles and I were chosen to lead the excavations through the cave tunnels. We finally found a way out, and the cave opened up into a river (very cold water), and all the Beatles just started swimming for it, although I was much more hesitant because I knew the water was really cold. The river was extremely wide, and all that was in the river (besides water) was this floating black tar stuff, like shredded tires, that was floating kind of like islands in the river. That's all I remember.

Anyhow, it was a crazy dream. Also, the part where Luke Wilson was my boyfriend, I was like trying to push him away, and not be his girlfriend toward the beginning, saying I wouldn't be able to give him everything that he should have, but then he convinced me that I was everything to him, and that was all he wanted. So, you see how this type of dream feels very good for my self-esteem. :-) I know it's so weird. And it's not like I really think about Luke Wilson all that much. My subconscious pulls in very random people sometimes. One time, it was the lead guitarist from Coldplay. I don't even know his name, but that dream was pretty good, too. Anyhow, my subconscious is pretty awesome because it actively tries to lift up my conscious mind.

This Saturday, I'm going to go to SeaWorld! That should be really fun. Anyhow, I'm pretty excited about this time of year, because Halloween is pretty cool. Overall, though, I'm not a huge fan of October, in general, because it starts getting colder, and then it starts getting dark sooner, and then usually there is daylight saving time making life even worse, and it totally signifies the end of summer (for real) in California. This year, though, I'm not as bummed about it. I have many things to look forward to, so maybe that is why I am not so :-( about it.