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moccasins, SeaWorld, thrift store shopping, etc.
I have been trying to get some moccasin boots for the past little while now, but I have always wanted some genuine-looking Native American/Indian moccasins since I was like 14 years old. I'd really like to get some black ones, because they would match more of my outfits, but I would settle for a dark brown pair if the price is right. They also have to be at least calf length and easy to put on, with a lot of space for my feet. They don't have to be walkable, because I don't walk, but they do have to be pretty. If you see something like that out there on the interwebs, let me know.

Other than that, I haven't been too busy, oh wait, I lied. On Saturday, I got to go to SeaWorld with Stephanie Mortenson and her sister. We had a great time, got to see all of the shows except for Pets Rule, and that was because we opted to trick-or-treat instead of going. It was really cute seeing all of the kids dressed up in different costumes. Ashlyn (the sister) was dressed up as a flower, without petals, but the costume was neon which made her very easy to pick out in a crowd, which was convenient for me, because we did get separated a couple of times.

On Thursday, I got to go to the Salvation Army thrift shop where I bought a bunch of new (to me) clothes. Nothing beats a thrift store, for real. I think I got seven or eight new skirts and three new shirts, and I paid like $70.

I just hired a new helper today, and she starts on Wednesday. That should be really good. I'm still resting, trying to recuperate from a couple of things that are currently ailing my body. Not sure if I will make it out of bed by Wednesday, but I hope so.

I'm also pretty busy lately with my grandma's project still. It's a lot of hard work, but it is a work of art. It's going to be phenomenal when it is completed.

I'm behind on my TV shows, as well. The only thing I am current on is Vampire Diaries, because that show is... there aren't enough words. Or maybe there are enough, but they haven't invented the right ones to accurately describe my love for this show. It should be embarrassing, but, strangely, I'm not.