December 9th, 2010

Computer love

random and alone

I feel very hot right now, temperature wise. It is about 75°F in my room right now. It feels like 1000°.

I hope I start to feel better, because tomorrow I'm going to go to see my friend's band Neon Trees play with Plain White T's & Natasha Bedingfield down in San Diego with my friends Kristin and Marisa (hopefully). And then on Saturday, I'm going to go see the Nutcracker (live) with Megan in Huntington Beach.

Today, I developed a new writing system which is pretty cool. The characters look like runes and it works phonetically. There are about 42 different characters in my new system.

My whole family will be together all at once for a couple of days in January. That will be really fun and exciting! I can't wait.

In intellectual news, I just watched this ( on, and I found it worthwhile and appropriate for the Christmas/holiday season. It's about how we can stop being mad at each other (worldwide) and pursue peace by (essentially) being nice to one another and actively trying to understand a different point of view. It is an interesting and refreshing look on steps that could be taken to restore peace to the Middle East. I highly recommend watching it if you have an extra 20 minutes to spare (it is 18:45 long).

I feel like I need to accomplish more in my life. I didn't do very much today that could be considered accomplishment-ish.