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I just now realized I haven't publicly updated this journal in a month.

So, what has been up with me? I got really sick toward the beginning of the month of December, but then I got some medicine and felt much better. I had a really bad cough, and then everyone else got sick with it, which was miserable for them and for me.

Everyone is pretty much better by now, which is good because we have many of our family in town. Kurtis is here from Nebraska, and my brother Kevin is here from Arizona, and my sister Kristine and her children are here from Idaho. Also, a bit of good news is that my sister Kellie had her baby on January 2: Willow Evalyn Moncrief. At birth, she weighed 9 lbs. 3 oz. I am an aunt again! She is a beautiful little girl, with blond hair, and all around, just a gorgeous baby.

This coming week, my sister KeriAnn will be coming and also my brother-in-law Kevin Hunter. On Thursday, we are going to go to Disneyland, and on Friday we will be having our Christmas celebration with everyone. That's right, we haven't celebrated Christmas yet. I like it better in the middle of January.

We babysat my sister's cat while she was down from the mountain, and as a result, our house smells very catlike, which is very bad for me. On Saturday, I had steam cleaners come in and clean the front room carpet and the stairs. I hope that will help with the smell. I think that the cat did some business in my room somewhere, but I have yet to locate that area and thoroughly disinfect.

Other than that, I've been dealing with the usual frustrations, but I have been, for the most part, pretty good.