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February and March, so far
I'm doing pretty well, for the most part.

February was tricky, but not as bad as I thought it would be. I don't really like February all that much. One really good thing was that I finished my Grandma's birthday present (from September) with my mom. It felt really good to get that accomplished!

I have a really good idea for a book that I am currently writing. It's a really new and interesting idea, but super depressing. It makes it very hard to write.

Now that winter is somewhat officially over (for me in Southern California, anyway), there have been a lot of bridal showers and weddings and stuff popping up. Also popping up for those beautiful yellow and orange flowers (the Golden Poppy) that grow alongside the freeway. There is almost nothing more beautiful, in my opinion.

My sister Kellie moved with her husband and children back down to Murrieta. It's nice having her closer by! Her kids are so cute! In fact, her youngest, Willow, is my desktop background right now.

We are going to plant a garden tomorrow. That should be fun. I'm doing research on what is the best way to accomplish our designs.

I have also secured comic con tickets, with the help of some trusty hookups via Cecilia, and we have a hotel room which we are looking to change because it's too far away.

I know there is something else I could probably be reporting on, but... I don't know what it is.