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Journal of gratitude, entry #1: my life
I decided that I'm going to write about one thing that I am grateful for every day until Thanksgiving.

The first thing that I am grateful for is my life. I love that I have this opportunity to be alive. I love that I have this opportunity to live during now, a time where so much is happening and technology is super awesome. I feel like my life is a gift, and even though I have my own challenges, trials and difficulties, I feel in my heart the sanctity and divinity of my own life (and therefore the sanctity and divinity of every human soul).

I feel kind of weird that the first thing I am grateful for is my own life, because I feel like I should be grateful for other people in my life, first, but if I wasn't alive, I couldn't be grateful for other people. So I feel, first of all, my life makes it possible for me to feel gratitude for anything else.

Also -- and I feel this is along the same lines -- I am grateful to be me. I love who I am. I don't mean that in any type of proud, bragging way, but I love the person who is me. I love that I like what I like, that I do what I do, and that I am who I am. I haven't always been super crazy about myself, but I feel like it's the way to go. I feel like everyone should love themselves for who they are in the same way that I do: unpretentiously, sort of humbly, completely wholeheartedly. I feel like people who love themselves can really love other people for who they are, because I don't have difficulty loving people. Sometimes, I people watch, and as I watch, I find something enjoyable and worthwhile about just about everyone I see.

Anyhow, in conclusion, I love being alive. I love being me alive, and I love living when I am living.

That's a picture of me when I'm like 12 hours old. Even so young, you know I was loving life!