October 31st, 2011


Journal of gratitude, entry #2: my parents

I'm going to write about one thing a day that I am grateful for until Thanksgiving. Today is day two. I'm grateful for my parents.

Technically, I could have written two separate entries about each of my parents, but I wouldn't know how to order them, because I love both of them so much, and I wouldn't want to put one before the other.

Without my parents, I wouldn't be here. So, off of the bat, I owe them my life, but I also owe them so much more. They kept me safe all growing up, and they only wanted the best for me. They cared for and loved me when I was a baby who never slept, and they kept me from killing myself as a toddler when I ingested fingernail polish remover (it was lemon scented, okay). They even loved me when I was a rebellious, wayward teenager. And now, even though I am physically broken, they still love me and want the best for me (and help me achieve it).

I am predisposed to be happy no matter what my circumstances are. It's just a gift that I have, but I know I wouldn't have that disposition without the support and love of my parents. They let me grow, and they let me choose, and they helped me do so much with my life even though I don't have physical independence. I wouldn't have any of my schooling done without their love and support. I wouldn't be able to do any of the awesome things I do now without their encouragement and help. My diplomas might as well have their names on them, too. I wouldn't be able to be a substitute teacher without the help of my mom. I wouldn't be able to make websites and have that job without the assistance of my dad, putting together an awesome computer and setup for me.

I feel very special to have my parents as my parents. They let me be myself, and I know I owe my healthy self-esteem to them, too. I know (just about) everyone loves their parents, but I feel like I love my parents more than other people love their parents. Every day, I see how they try. I see the sacrifices they make on my account and on my siblings'. Every day, I note something else in my heart that makes them great in my eyes, and makes me love them even more. I appreciate them to my very core. My gratitude for them runs deeply into the fiber of my being. I love and appreciate you, Mom and Dad, beyond the telling of it! Thank you for being my parents and for being so awesome!

This is me with my parents. I'm about six months old. (My parents are babies, though. My dad was 20, and my mom was 19 in this picture. I'm glad they had me, though, even though they were children when they did it!)