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Journal of gratitude, entry #3: my siblings
I'm going to write about one thing a day that I am grateful for until Thanksgiving. Today is day three. I'm grateful for my siblings.

I am the oldest in my family, and I have four younger sisters and two younger brothers. I love being the oldest, actually. It's fun to be responsible, and I liked being the one whom everyone looked up to. It's only now that I'm older that I realize I could have been a much better big sister, and if I were to rewind the clock to do one thing, it wouldn't be to prevent my permanent paralysis causing accident; it would be to be a better example to my siblings.

I'm going to write a little paragraph about each of my awesome siblings and why I love them so much.

KeriAnn is the sister just 14 months younger than me. I love her so much! She is funny, creative, loyal, and fiercely caring. When I think back to my most fond memories with her, I always think about the time we spent an entire Saturday hanging out together in the hall bathroom of our small little house listening to Radio Oz (kids radio) waiting around for Cheech Marin to sing about being a bus driver.

Kevin is a little under three years younger than me. He is an awesome brother. When I think about his good qualities, I always think of his helpfulness, how he is always willing to share, and how he a natural for building and uplifting. I remember one time, I was driving a truck, and he was in the back of it. As we were stopped at a stoplight, we saw a car that was stranded, and the owners were trying to push it out of the way. Without even thinking, he jumped out and helped the people push it off of the busy road. I was so proud of him, proud to call him my brother. That's just one example of how cool he is.

Kellie is about 4 1/2 years younger than me. I love her so much! We always had a bond when we were younger, and I loved playing Barbies with her, even until I was in my teens. I remember pretending that we were psychic witches (mainly to freak out Kristine), and having all sorts of fun just hanging out. One of my fondest memories was when we were going to watch Empire Strikes Back in our room. She told me to start without her because she was going to the bathroom. I did, and she didn't ever come back. I watched the movie by myself, and after it was finished, I looked for her. For the entire length of the movie, she was in the bathroom just playing hairstyles on herself. That memory always makes me laugh. Kellie is artistic, beautiful, smart, and completely unique. Love her so much!

Kristine is just under seven years younger than me. She is awesome! We didn't really become close until after my accident, but I was glad that I had my accident just so I could have that awesome closeness with her. Whenever I needed help with something I can't do, she was always the one who would help me with the least amount of resistance and fuss. She is giving, selfless, and bighearted. When we were younger, my most favorite memory is when I made her think I was a witch because we were playing with a glow-in-the-dark ball in the dark. I know it was mean, but it was so funny! I'm glad she forgave me, though. What a good sister!

Kurtis is a decade younger than me. He is funny, sensitive, and extremely good-looking. I love him so much! When I was a teenager, whenever my friends would come to pick me up, I wouldn't be ready in time, because I was always having to do something around the house before I could leave. Kurtis would take this opportunity to entertain my friends by wrestling with a stuffed bull for them. That is probably my favorite memory of him as a kid. As a grown-up, he is in the Air Force, and I like that he has a plan for his life, and that he still maintains his unique personality in a place where differences are not necessarily thought of as assets. Love him so much!

Katelynne is almost 12 years younger than me. She is caring, sweet, and lovely. I love to make her laugh. That's one of my most favorite things to do, actually. I don't care how ridiculous I have to be or what I have to say to get her to do it. I will go for it, and it's awesome! My fondest memories of Katelynne when she was small involve picking her up from nursery at church. Every single one of us always wanted to get her from nursery, but I think I got her the most, and it was fun picking her up because she was so happy to see you and get out of there. So much cuteness! I love her!

As you can see, my siblings are awesome. They all help me so much, and I wouldn't be who I am today without their personalities and influence.

Here are all seven of us circa 1995, dressed in pajamas. This was a pyramid of sorts, and I was on the bottom, and that was rough. You wouldn't know it from my expression, but it was sort of painful.