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Journal of gratitude, entry #4: my extended family
I'm going to write about one thing I'm grateful for every single day until Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday of all. Today is day four. I'm grateful for my extended family.

I have a very large extended family. My dad has seven brothers and seven sisters, and all of them are or have been married and have children. On that side of the family, I have something like over 60 cousins. My mom has one brother and one sister, and I have nine cousins on her side. It's pretty crazy, but awesome.

So, first of all, I have the raddest grandparents. I still have both of my Anderson grandparents, and they have always been there for me and for my family. On my mom's side, we just have my grandma, because my grandpa passed away about 3 1/2 years ago. They were/are amazing. In fact, I'm writing a riveting story with that grandma right now, called April Beach. All of my grandparents are excellent people because they raised my parents, and my parents are phenomenal.

I have awesome aunts and uncles. On my mom's side, I have Janet & Gail, and Boyd & Karen. All of them are fun loving, caring, and awesome. I could give several examples on how they have helped me and my family throughout the years, or how much fun I have had with them. On my dad's side, I also have amazing aunts and uncles -- just too many to name, really. Some of them are younger than I am, and it is these individuals who I have the fondest memories of, because I played with them as a child like they were my cousins. I'm probably closest with Kelli, three years younger than me, but super cool. We always had good times playing together as kids. I'll never forget her farting in my face, the stories we made, and her African-American kid sister doll. Fun times.

I have awesome cousins, too. I actually don't know all of them (on my dad's side), but the ones I have met, I really like. I am very close with the cousins on my mom's side. Her sister and sister-in-law both had girl babies just two weeks after I was born, and we are known as the triplets of the family. That is awesome to me, because the only thing I like more than twins are triplets. We had a lot of fun playing together whenever we would get together. So many fun memories of those cousins.

I also have awesome great uncles and great aunts, and even my mom's cousins are very very cool.

Basically, I have a very large and extremely awesome extended family who have loved, helped and supported me. I could go on and on and on about them for a super long time, but in the interest of brevity, I'll keep it short and sweet. I appreciate so much everything they have done for me and for my family. We've never had the blessing of living close to (just about) any of them, but we still feel their presence in our lives on a daily basis. :-)

Above is a picture of the extended family on my mom's side circa 1994.

Above is a picture of my dad's family (minus one sister) taken in August of this year.