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Journal of gratitude, entry #5: my nephew and nieces
In honor of my most favorite holiday of all -- Thanksgiving -- I've been writing one thing I'm grateful for every single day until Thanksgiving. Today is day five. I'm grateful for my nephew and nieces.

I have a nephew and four nieces. All of them are so awesome that there are almost no words to describe how taken I am with them.

First, there is Preston, the oldest of the bunch. He turned four in March. He is a smart little guy, and I think his best quality is that he is healthily obsessed with all things Star Wars and superheroes. I've enjoyed the fact that whenever we visit with him, he will always be perfectly content to sit with me and watch hours and hours of Star Wars or Spiderman. Although he does think that Darth Maul is cooler than Darth Vader, and that his favorite out of all of the Star Wars movies is Phantom Menace, I can overlook it because he's so awesome.

Chronologically, Eva is next. She just turned three this past October. It's hard to find the words to describe the utter cuteness of her! She is a super sweetheart. Everything her older brother does, she wants to do as well. She still is her own person, though, loving the Disney Princess franchise. At her first birthday, I decorated (with my grandma) a butterfly cookie, and out of all of the cookies she could have chosen, she picked ours. I also love that my sister tried super hard to get her to love purple more than pink, but she loves pink. She is a girly girl, and she loves purses and dresses and shoes. She's awesome!

Next, we have River, who coincidentally turns two today! I've gotten to hang out with River more than the aforementioned nephew and niece because she lives close by. She's a beautiful girl. She's got big eyes and beautiful, long eyelashes. I love her personality and her quirks so much. I love that she can be so distracted by whatever is in front of her. For example, the other day, she found some Halloween candy, so she had my mom open it for her. However, by the time my mom had opened it, she had totally forgotten about it because she was distracted by toys. She loves to take apart things to see how they work, and then try to put them back together. At her heart, she is so sweet. It's adorable to see her with her little sister, Willow, because she loves her so much! She also loves animals a lot! We have a giant dog (Black Lab German shepherd mix; he's about 120 pounds), and she will just go up to him and hug and kiss him. It's adorable!

Ellie (Elisabeth) is next. She just turned one in August. After Preston and Eva, my sister finally got a good child (not that the first two weren't "good," but they were busy and difficult). I love that she is very chill. When my sister came over, we could take Ellie with us places because she wouldn't be a bother at all, and that was nice because I really like hanging out with my sister. It's crazy how these children just come out with their own personalities, almost like they are fully formed from the beginning. Ellie has her definite likes and dislikes. For example, she likes credit cards. You give her one, and she is very content playing/eating it. You try to give her a card that is similarly shaped/textured, and she doesn't like it. She's a gorgeous kid with brown hair and blue eyes. (The only brunette amongst the nephew/nieces.) I love her!

Willow is the last. She just turned 10 months yesterday. She is superduper super cute! She's always just been a super independent little kid, and very into her own thing whatever it is. She is also very easy going and relaxed. For example, if River decides she wants whatever it is Willow is playing with, Willow will usually just let her have it without fussing, and then Willow will find something else to play with. When she crawls, she crawls like a monkey -- on her feet. She's also been walking since she was nine months old, which just looks so weird because she's tiny! It's funny to see a human that small walking around. Willow is the blondest of the nephew/nieces. She was born with the cutest yellow hair, and now her hair is almost white. She's also really really soft. I remember one time her mom, my sister Kellie asked me if I would like to pretend to eat her so I could feel how soft she was. I totally did it and it was awesome!

Anyhow, in conclusion, I love my nephew and nieces. They are adorable and awesome, and I love being their aunt. I am extremely grateful for them!

Above, you can see all of them together. This was taken in January of this year.

Preston and Eva having a light saber duel.

River & Willow.