November 10th, 2011


Journal of gratitude, entry #12: movies

Today is Day #12 of my gratitude journal. Today I am grateful for movies.

Can movies save your life? The answer to that question, for me, at least is yes. Movies have saved my life, and I continue to see them as worthwhile ways to spend time.

I always like to write about what I liked in the past with the things I am grateful for, and today will be no exception. When I was a kid, I loved watching movies. I had a couple of favorites, namely Never-Ending Story and The Land before Time, both of which I could watch repeatedly (and I did). I have already written about my love for Never-Ending Story here. One excerpt from that post I really like is:

"The Gmork (that freaky wolf) was genuinely frightening. As a kid, I thought that he was the mastermind behind The Nothing, but now I come to understand that he was employed by the person who wanted The Nothing to succeed. That part in the cave where Atreju sees all of the paintings of himself, was frighteningly bizarre, and still gives me goosebumps every time I see it. Anyway, the mastermind behind The Nothing wants humans to lose their imagination, because without that, they become hopeless, and are easier to take advantage of. Lesson: use that imagination, and never give up hope. I know there are Gmorks out there in the real world, that want to see us lose, that want to see us fail, but we must always remember that imagination is important, and that keeping hope alive is an essential part of the human experience. Like Atreju, we must confront and destroy the Gmorks in our lives. We must not let them have power over us."

I think that captures a little glimpse into why I love and am grateful for movies so much. They teach important life lessons that you might not learn any other way. The Never-Ending Story teaches us that we need to use our imaginations, which keeps us connected to the human family. The Land before Time taught me that it's important to listen to my parents, because you never know when an earthquake might separate you, and then you will need to rely on what you remember them telling you in order to be reunited. That is a pretty specific lesson, but a lesson nonetheless. The Princess Bride, another of my childhood favorites, taught me that true love was real, and the truest of true loves exist within the family.

That brings me to another point on why I love movies so much. It connects you with the other people you see the movies with. You are spending time with them, and then afterward, you can talk about what you liked or disliked about it, and generally share and enjoy one another's company. It brings people closer together, and I like it when people come closer together.

Movies, as I alluded to previously, have saved my life. I've gone through a couple of major trials in my life. The first being a broken heart, as cheesy as that sounds, and the second being my injury. After both events, the thing that got me through those difficult times the most was being able to watch movies, to forget my troubles for just two hours at a time, and that kept me going on. It kept me hopeful. It helped me to reach out for help instead of staying insular, alone and depressed. (Those movies were actually Star Wars, but I actually have an entire entry that is going to be dedicated to that, so I will refrain from saying too much now.)

In conclusion, I love movies, and to not recognize the significance they have played in my life would be ungrateful. I am glad that I can take them into my life and appreciate them for what they are, and even change for the better because of them.

Here I am at the movies with a bunch of friends. :-) We just saw "He's Just Not That into You."