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Journal of gratitude, entry #15: the Internet
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Feeling somewhat better today, and extremely grateful for the next item in my list of gratitude: the Internet.

I'm going to make this somewhat shorter than my other entries, because I don't really have childhood memories of the Internet, because it didn't really widely exist when I was a kid.

There are some things I don't like about the Internet. I know that there are bad forces at work on the Internet, and that makes me sad. I also don't like how anybody can know anything at anytime because of the Internet. I know I probably should like that, because I love learning, and I learn so much from the Internet every single day, but I just remember back in the time where little tidbits of knowledge that you would gain because someone read something in a magazine at the doctor's office and then told you meant something, you know? Information/knowledge was more privileged back then, and now it is something, I'm afraid, that we take for granted. And that makes us use our brains less, because information can be gained and discarded at any time. Therefore, we don't have to remember anything. We can just look it up whenever we want. However, I like remembering things. It makes me happy, and I don't like how the Internet kind of makes what we have in our brains sort of unnecessary because of its ease of access. Does that make sense?

However, I am grateful for the Internet because it helps me to do the things I really love to do: which (ironically) is learn, and then connect with people (using my words to help make the world a little bit of a better place, at least online), and I love to share my talents with others on the Internet by making name drawings for everyone's birthdays. I love being able to make people feel special on their birthday, and being able to connect with them when I otherwise would not have the opportunity to do so.

I also love being able to watch movies online, watch my TV shows online, and listen to music (Pandora) and read my scriptures online. I love that!

I also love the scores of people I have met online that have changed my life for the better. There are so many beautiful, wonderful people out there, that I may not have ever come into contact with except for the invention of the Internet. My life would not have been as rich and exciting and wonderful without these unique and glorious individuals. They have shared so much with me about their lives, and I have learned an incredible amount of lessons from their lives and gained so much from their humor, perspectives, and encouragement and support.

The most important thing we can do in this life is to be kind to one another, and to forge positive, meaningful connections with others. I feel like the Internet helps me to do that, and that lifts me up and makes me feel better about myself. I am so grateful for the Internet!

Here I am in 2001 with a group of Internet friends at a Roswell party.

Here I am in 2006 (I want to say) with another group of awesome Internet friends at comic con.

Here is one of my favorite name drawings I've done for a birthday, it is the drawing I made for my sister.