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Journal of gratitude, entry #25: the power of words
Grammar time
Today is the second to last day of my gratitude journal: Day #25. I'm grateful for the power of words.

I've almost always been very into talking and words. My memory goes way back to when I was barely a year old, and I clearly remember understanding words, and being spoken to by my parents.

I learned a lot about the power of my words as a freshman in high school. Up until that point, I didn't really have any friends, so I didn't know about keeping secrets. No one had ever really trusted me with a secret before (besides one friend I had in third grade; still keeping her secret). However, that year, I learned that, "Don't tell anyone," was not superseded by telling someone and then telling them not to tell anyone. My words got me into trouble, and I learned that if anyone were to trust me with privileged information, that I wouldn't break that promise.

Since becoming paralyzed, my appreciation of the power of words has increased. It's amazing to me that through just saying something, I can affect others and myself. It's also amazing to me exactly how much I can make a difference just through what I say, especially because I no longer have the physical ability to do service for others in almost any other way.

I've decided to use my words to try to improve the world. When I see someone, and I think something nice about them, I make it a point to just say it, no matter how awkward I might feel about it. The thing with people is is that they, for some reason, oftentimes will not know these positive, awesome things about themselves, or that other people are thinking them. I think to never suppress a generous thought means to just say them. I'm not perfect at it yet, and sometimes it is more difficult say something you think that's nice about someone in certain situations.

I love it when I say something to someone, and they smile or brighten up afterward. In fact, I've seen the power of my words cause people to blush. It's incredible and kind of fun. :)

Using the power of my words for good also means keeping secrets or just not sharing information people tell me about other people, or about themselves. When I think about sharing something I've heard, I ask myself the following three questions: #1 is it important?; #2 is it true?; #3 is it kind? If the information doesn't satisfy those requirements, I tend to keep it to myself. Once you say something, you kind of can't unsay it, like unringing a bell. Using this system ensures that the power of my words are not used to destroy or hurt others, even if I think they might deserve a little hurt or destruction.

In the New Testament, in James chapter 3 verse two, it says, "If any man offend not in word, the same is a perfect man, and able also to bridle the whole body." I take that very seriously, even though I'm not perfect at it, and it's hard to be so conscientious about the things I say. I am just incredibly grateful that I have the power to affect change in this world through my words. I try to take that privilege, power and responsibility seriously.

I didn't know what to do for a picture for today. Here is me as a sophomore in high school, learning.