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Journal of gratitude: entry #26: Christ and Charity
30 rock, lemon holiday
Happy Thanksgiving! Today is my final entry of my gratitude journal. I really liked doing it, though. I will probably randomly throughout the year just post things I'm grateful for. Anyhow, today is Day #26: I'm grateful for Christ and charity.

I don't intend this post to be alienating towards those who might not have the same beliefs that I do. I sincerely do not consider myself better than other people because of what I believe (or any other reason, really). I respect everyone's beliefs as long as they promote goodness and don't hurt anyone.

The most important thing to do in this life: just be nice to the people around you. If you're doing this, you are exercising charity, which I believe is the pure love of Christ.

This is the most powerful force in the world. It truly is the most important thing we can do. When we love others, we build relationships, we uplift, we create, we fulfill our potentials. I believe that of all the things in the universe, charity is the one thing that will not fail. Which is why it is the one thing to truly have in your life.

When I was first injured and in the hospital, it was a horrible time for me and my family. I spent day after day after day in the hospital for almost 5 months. In Arizona, where I was injured, and first hospitalized, I had at least one visitor every single day that I was in the hospital. Neighbors and friends and family and classmates and workmates and church members all surrounded me and my family, helping us out more than words can adequately express. This is an example of how charity has blessed my life in a big and important way.

However, charity continues to bless my life every single day in small ways. I have to ask for help in just about every single thing that I need done. Asking for this help is necessary to my survival as a human here on earth, but it is not easy for me. It's hard to admit that I need help, especially because I was SUCH an independent person before my accident. I have to do it, though, and I know how much people do for me, and their help with me blesses my life every single day. These simple acts of charity help in two ways: they give other people an opportunity to serve and exercise charity, and they also help me to understand that I can't do it on my own.

Before my accident, I really did believe that I could do it all, and that I could do it all by myself. Whatever it was that I wanted, I could get it, and I could get it because of myself. And as much as I had had a pretty strong testimony of Christ (and back in the day, it was like fire), I didn't fully understand my salvation came from being dependent on my Savior's atonement. Now, I am physically dependent on others for my own survival. It sucks to even say it, but it's true. However, I realize that I am also spiritually dependent on Christ for my own spiritual survival. I don't know if I could have learned this important lesson any other way, but I'm grateful to my Father in Heaven for the opportunity I have had to learn this (and relearn it every single day).

Christ is important to me. I feel that his sacrifice and atonement give my life a much more powerful drive to move forward, improve and succeed in life. This belief helps me to be a better person, to reach out to others, and to try and be the best person I can be. I'm grateful for this power in my life, and for the opportunity and privilege I have of sharing it with others.