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Top 10 Favorite Movies
Today, my top 10 list will be my favorite movies of all time. I'm putting them in countdown style, today.

10. Josie and the Pussy Cats
9. Life with Father
8. Signs
7. Lord of the Rings Trilogy
6. Disney's The Little Mermaid
5. The Land Before Time
4. The Never-Ending Story
3. Return of the Jedi
2. Star Wars: A New Hope
1. Empire Strikes Back

This was incredibly hard, because there are so many awesome movies that I really love, but, alas, I could only choose 10! And I already kind of cheated because I put all three Lord of the Rings movies as just one movie. Other movies I really love that didn't put on this list: Back to the Future Trilogy, Indiana Jones Trilogy, Rebecca, Gaslight, Bachelor Mother, Serenity, Pirates of the Caribbean I, Around the World in 80 Days, John Tucker Must Die, Two Weeks' Notice, and Toy Story Trilogy.