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Top 10 Weirdest Dreams
Today, I'm listing my top 10 weirdest dreams. Also, I really like hearing about weird dreams. So if you've had any lately (or at all) I would love to hear about them. Also, please turn it to read too deeply into these. Looking over them, my dreams have been super super weird. It's also very hard to order them, because they are all super weird. So, I'm going to number them, but they aren't in any order.

1. Luke Wilson and the Beatles: I had a dream where Luke Wilson was my boyfriend, and it was a great, and very relaxing dream. He led me to a church, and then that church sunk into the earth, and everyone was trapped in the church. Then, we decided that we would find a way out through the back caves, so circa-1964 Beatles and I were chosen to lead the excavations through the cave tunnels. We finally found a way out, and the cave opened up into a river (very cold water), and all the Beatles just started swimming for it, although I was much more hesitant because I knew the water was really cold. The river was extremely wide, and all that was in the river (besides water) was this floating black tar stuff, like shredded tires, that was floating kind of like islands in the river. That's all I remember.

2. Machu Picchu: In my dream, I actually lived in a regular house overlooking Machu Picchu. It was very weird, because I know that my house had regular road access and was located in America, but when I looked out my window -- Machu Picchu. So the first time I saw Machu Picchu out my window, I saw my sister Kellie riding Chewbacca, like he was a racehorse -- piggyback style. Anyway, they were rushing towards this invisible force field that I, of course, could see, and when they hit it, they morphed into this blob that morphed into a cartoon version of my sister as a toddler. Then, KeriAnn, Kevin Nathan, Kristine and I were all morphed into cartoon versions of ourselves as children. It was like we were trapped there, and we didn't know a way out. Also, in my dream, Machu Picchu was very labyrinthine, so it was easy to get lost. Anyhow, we somehow called a meeting to all of the people who were stuck there and couldn't get out. So, who else was stuck there -- Darth Vader and Aurora from Disney's Sleeping Beauty (who was really angry and very mean, which I wasn't expecting). I woke up before we could formulate a plan to get out of there.

3. Ghost kid tries to possess me: I had this horrible nightmare where this ghost kid tried to possess my body, and it was really scary. I could actually feel the ghost kid pushing my soul out of my body. When I woke up, I could not speak, move, or open my eyes, and it was also more difficult than usual to breathe. It still felt like the ghost kid was trying to kill me. It took a couple of minutes to be able to move like normal again. Crazy, right?

4. I'm a child actress who can talk to the ghosts of fish: I was a child actress shooting a movie about a girl who can talk to ghosts. But, in my dream I really could see ghosts -- but only the ghosts of fish and also drowning victims. We were shooting a scene at an aquarium, and then there was this legend about the aquarium being the site of a suicide wherein a 16-year-old girl drowned herself. Anyhow, I could see her swimming in the aquarium with the fishes, and she was really transparent and ghostly looking, and she had long whitish blonde hair. I was going to tell my (onset actress) mom that I saw her, but then the ghost attacked me and made it so I couldn't talk or breathe, for that matter. It was really frightening.

Then, there was this other part where we are watching an outdoor play at Cal State San Marcos against the hill. In real life, there's nothing like that at Cal State, but it was pretty cool. I could also see two drowning victims -- a boy and a girl who were boyfriend/girlfriend -- but they were not mean ghosts. Also, there was this other part where we're trying to cast Brad Pitt's nine-year-old son to be my brother, because in my dream Brad Pitt had a son that was around my same age. (Yes, in the dream I was like 8-9 years old.)

At the end of my dream, I was at this other place, and my real-life grandpa (the one who passed away) was there eating pumpkin pie. I told him it looked good, and he gave me some bites. Then my grandma (who really wasn't my real grandma, but she was like different looking or something in the dream) comes by and is like, "some things never change." I inferred that she meant Grandpa wasn't supposed to be sharing his food, because he needed to eat the calories because he was so skinny.

5. I can talk to the ghosts of cats: I had this dream where I could solve crimes by talking to the ghosts of cats. I also was a forensic expert on cat bones. In my dream, I was legitimately solving crimes because of those two skills. There were some friends from church at a crime scene. Or maybe it was just after I had solved a crime, and one of them doubted my ability to talk to the ghosts of cats. Also, we were swimming in a giant fairy pond. That's all I remember.

6. Yeah, this is probably the weirdest one: In the dream, I'm actually cartoon John Smith from Pocahontas. I spot Barbie, who is the same size as me, and I wanted to talk to her, then she runs away. So I chase after her. I end up following her all across a water park with all of these pink waterslides. Then, I lose her. I'm in the middle of the ocean, and I'm swimming. I see this small blue island, so I swim for it. I'm resting on the island, which is very small for an island, when I realize that it's not an island. It's a blue whale. That's when I wake up.

7. The Monster from Lost: I had a dream about Lost. I was on the island for some reason, and there was a lot of detail, but I can't remember it all. I do remember finding out what the "monster" in the forest was. It was a giant purple brontosaurus. It would chase you, and these weird waves of energy flowed off of it in the form of what looked like pink lipstick kisses that were all glowy. The weird thing was when the dinosaur would chase you, you definitely did not want to get caught by the glowy lipstick kiss things, but once trapped by them, all you wanted was more of it.

8. Michael Jackson and Billy Dee Williams: I was a journalist working at some type of convention. Michael Jackson was performing, and although it was definitely Michael Jackson, he looked a lot like Eddie Murphy. Michael was wearing these very small black leather Nike shoes, which he took off and threw to the audience. I caught one, and because of this, was permitted to have an interview with him. Then, I go backstage to do my interview.

Suddenly, it's the next scene in my dream. I had already interviewed Michael, but, for some reason, I don't remember anything about that. My sister was with me in the next scene saying how nice it was of Michael to let us keep his shoes. Then, we are going into the next small room so we can interview someone really famous. We go into the room through the front door, and Billy Dee Williams comes through this other side door. Kristine was like, "Hey, it's Michael Jackson!"

"No," I corrected her, "it's Billy Dee Williams -- you know, Lando Calrissian!" And, don't ask me why, but he was actually wearing a blue cape like Lando would have, and of course, that seemed perfectly normal. Then, I was like, "Billy, Billy Dee, Billy, Billy Dee, Billy, Billy Dee..." and then I asked him what his friends called him. He said he couldn't tell me because I was a reporter and would tell everyone, but I assured him that it would only be between us. Then, he said he would tell me if I kissed him. So, I did, and then I woke up. I never got to find out if it was "Billy" or "Billy Dee."

9. Zack's Fish: I had this philosophy teacher eight years ago named Zack Fish, and in my dream he owned a restaurant called Zack's Fish. He was telling me that his family owned the restaurants and wanted him to join in the business, but he had to follow his passion for knowledge. Then, we took a ride on this Disneyland-like River ride (kind of like a River tour) where we sat with Albert Einstein. Albert was telling us how much he sucked at certain things in his life. It was really funny to sit and listen to Albert Einstein's insecurities. Also, my teacher seemed to really love hearing about them. Like, it made him feel better for owning Zack's Fish.

10. I get married for the presents: I decided to have a wedding. So I called everyone up on the phone and told them to come. I even asked my friend from a long time ago, Scott Schaub, to be the groom. I had a very nice white wedding dress on and it was about time for me to start walking down the aisle, and then I was like, "wait a minute." Even though there was a huge pile of presents against the back wall of the building, I decided that I wanted more than just a party wedding. I wanted actual invitations and, oh, a groom that I actually, you know, loved. So I canceled it. Everyone was kind of cool about it, actually. In my dream, I expected my mom to be really angry about changing my mind, but she wasn't. Even the groom was kind of relieved. And for some reason, he and his best man were both wearing veils over their heads. It looked really strange with the tuxedos. After I had canceled everything, I still got to open up the presents.

There you go. A trip into my crazy mind. Below is a picture of me when I was almost 19. I picked this picture because I look kind of crazy.