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Top 10 Favorite Holidays
30 rock, lemon holiday
Merry Christmas Eve everyone! Today, I'm going to list my top 10 favorite holidays.

10. A two-way tie between Mother's Day and Father's Day
9. New Year's Day
8. Easter
7. Veterans Day
6. Halloween
5. Labor day
4. Memorial Day
3. Independence Day (Fourth of July)
2. My birthday
1. Thanksgiving

And before you say anything, yes, my birthday definitely counts as a holiday. I know it seems Grinchy of me, but Christmas is missing from this list. There are some things I like about the holiday -- like looking at Christmas lights, but for the most part, I just am not a huge fan. I think it's gotten too commercialized, and I feel like there's too much expectation for me to have the perfect day, and then that just makes anything that happens on Christmas disappointing. I do love the religious aspect of the holiday, but it's hard for me to get on board completely with that knowing that Christ was born in April not December. However, Baby Jesus is totally my favorite kind of Jesus.

Below is a picture of me on my 18th birthday.