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Top 10 Musical Artists
I hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas. I had a wonderful one. Very low key. No pressure. Just the way I like it.

Today, my top 10 = favorite musical artists. This was hard, because I love music, and it's really hard to narrow it down to 10. So I just chose these artists based on how much I like their work on a qualitative basis, and exactly how much of their total work I like based on a quantitative basis as well. I'm sure you don't want to see the Microsoft Excel sheet.

10. Garbage
9. Pixies
8. K's Choice/No Doubt (two way tie)
7. Red Hot Chili Peppers
6. Neon Trees
5. Metric
4. Muse
3. Radiohead
2. Alice in Chains
1. The Cardigans

Below you can see a picture of me and my sister at a No Doubt concert.

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