December 27th, 2011

Computer love

Top 10 Coolest Things I've Ever Heard of (technologically speaking)

Today my top 10 is going to be the coolest things I've ever heard of. Most of what I'm going to write here is going to be stuff that's coming up in the future. I always think if we were to take something like the iPhone and go back in time to like the 1980s or even the early 90s and show it to the people in that time, they would probably think it was some alien technology and that it was impossible to make. I feel like the future -- maybe just even five or 10 years from right now -- will be the same. If people from that time came back to right now, we would think that their technology would be impossible. That's how awesome the future is going to be. Anyhow, I digress. Let's do my top 10 list. These are not in order of how cool I think they are. They are all pretty cool, actually.

1. Saltwater for fuel: This is going to be awesome. In the future, they will be able to figure out how to use this guy's technology to power cars, trains, maybe even planes using just regular old salt water, the most abundant resource found on this planet. Right now, I don't really understand exactly how it could be utilized, but I'm sure scientists will figure it out.

2. Poisons are the cure: I watched this documentary on how all kinds of natural poisons from frogs, fish, Gila monsters, spiders, snakes, and plants are now being used for medicinal uses. The stuff being developed is astounding. For example, check out this article which talks about the pain relieving benefits of blowfish poison. This will be an awesome leap in technology, considering that prescription pill overdose just overtook car accidents as the number one accidental killer in America. Puffer painkiller, unlike morphine, is not habit-forming and has very few, if any, negative side effects.

3. Woolly mammoth coming back to life. A lot of people think that this shouldn't be done because humans are playing God or whatever, but if it is actually possible, and the woolly mammoth can be resurrected, I think it would be cool, and I think that God would give it a thumbs-up. Because woolly mammoths are awesome.

4. $100 price to personally map your DNA for personalized medicine: This is awesome. Currently, our DNA technology takes a long time and is super expensive, and not 100% accurate. The technology that these people are developing will make it more accurate, less expensive, and less time-consuming. This'll make it possible for us to take our DNA to the doctors, and when something happens to us, they will be able to know exactly how to treat it because they'll have a map of our DNA.

5. Insectlike robot spies: I know that this is a potentially disturbing development in the realm of technology, considering that more and more of our privacy is being thrown out the window, but I still think it's really cool. For ages, humans have been saying, "If I could have been a fly on the wall..." and in the future, that will actually be possible. It's mind blowing.

6. Crashproof cars: This is going to be huge in the future. Not only will you have self driving cars, but cars that are so technologically advanced, that even in the event of a crash, you will probably be okay. Considering that car accidents are the second leading cause of accidental death in the United States, this technology is going to be a game changer.

7. Cyborg technology: Taking into account that I consider myself, already, a sort of cyborg, I am pretty excited about this leap in technology. It will make people like me, who are paralyzed or missing a limb, or are a stroke victim, able to more effectively communicate, move and interact in this world.

8. More efficient electricity: I have linked an article about developing fusion, but in general, the future is going to be more environmentally responsible when it comes to generating electricity. In the future, we will utilize better thermal electricity, piezo electricity, and make it easier and safer to generate and use nuclear power.

9. Humans as batteries: Not like in the Matrix (that general premise is extremely flawed), but in the future, you'll be able to charge your phone with your body heat. Isn't that awesome?

10. SixthSense: This technology utilizes our natural hand gesturing to interact with our world at large, but still using technology, such as our phone. I like this idea, because unlike right now, where using your phone is a very personal and somewhat private affair, cutting you off from basic human interaction, SixthSense uses a projection system which makes it easier for the user to interact with others while using their mobile devices using only the gestures of their hands. It is an interesting and exciting concept. I can't wait to see it.

I'm extremely excited about the future of our world. Reading about stuff like this makes me want to be a scientist, even though I'm not super scientifically inclined at all.