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Top 10 Things I Do When I'm Sad to Snap Out Of It
office sadcat
Today's top 10: the things I do when I'm sad to snap out of it. Glad I'm doing this today, because I do need the reminder.

10. Think of people who are less fortunate than me.
9. Listen to music that is sad, but then gradually becomes happier.
8. Watch something funny.
7. Talk with someone/pray.
6. Do some work.
5. Watch Star Wars.
4. Read a book/Scriptures.
3. Sleep.
2. Think of all the things I am grateful for.
1. Do something nice for someone else.

Had a rough day Thursday. Just trying to be upbeat and positive. Horrible pain just seized me, mainly in my shoulders and heart. Just powered through and took a lot of naps. I've also been obsessed with playing Scribblenauts, which is a totally fun game, and I did that when I had the energy. My sister also helped me start on the deep cleaning up my room, and that felt nice.

So, speaking of snapping out of it, below is a picture of me at my senior prom. Yeah, I went stag, and it was really sad. But at least I look awesome in the picture. :-)