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Top 10 New Year's Resolutions
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Today is going to be my top 10 New Year's resolutions! I'm really excited for the new year. I'm officially excited for new beginnings -- beginning of a week, beginning the month, and even more exciting is the beginning of the year, which is awesome because it starts at the beginning of the week exactly! Rock! Anyhow, on to the resolutions:

10. Work (for money) more
9. Eat healthier
8. Physical therapy
7. Have a neater, cleaner living space
6. Finish my books and other writing projects
5. Finish New Testament
4. Attend Temple monthly
3. Open my mail at least once a week
2. Become better at managing my money
1. Do everything I say I'm going to do

I actually have a very comprehensive list detailing ongoing to accomplish all of these goals. Some of them are vague here, but they are pretty specific in my goal document.

The photo below is relevant because of resolution #7. When I was 14, I was in charge of cleaning the bathroom. In order to thwart my siblings' slovenly tendencies, I wrote the following sign which my grandma liked so much that she took a picture of it. I think it's pretty funny. Man, my handwriting was awesome! ;-)

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