January 7th, 2012

office jam

Month of Interesting Things Day #7: Humans

It's hard to think of something interesting to post every single day like I've been doing for the past six days, because there are so many awesome and interesting things in this world. So, today I'm going to talk about humans. Just in general.

I love humans. It sounds weird is it like that, but I love people. That sounds a little less weird. Anyhow, I find them interesting and the things they can do, but the way they think, the ideas they generate, the things that they find interesting. Even if I don't find something particularly interesting that someone else thinks is incredibly awesome, I still find a kind of joy just thinking about why whatever incredibly boring thing (to me) is fascinating to them. In fact, I just watched five minutes and 30 seconds of video on YouTube that some person uploaded about the proper way of winding up cable. While, yes, I do have a particular interest in cables and wires, this was just a little extreme. I was mainly interested in how passionate this gentleman was about the proper way to wind cabling. He cared enough to make a video about it and post it to YouTube. That's interesting to me.

I try not to judge people, because I don't like it. The second you start judging others, you think about others judging you, and I just can't live my life that way. Anyhow, the thing with me is I think just about anyone can be exciting, interesting and sort of like a famous person -- in that I am excited to talk and visit with them, and I feel cool because of our interaction. And that's the thing with famous people -- they are all just regular people. I can be just as excited to meet some random stranger on a Disneyland train as I am to meet Bill Gates.

So, today, I just love humans. I think they are interesting in just about everything they do. Who would have thought, however many years ago, when Adam and Eve were prancing around in the garden of Eden, that humans would have found a way to leave this planet and go into outer space? It's awesome. We are awesome as a species. We have limitless capabilities, limitless potentials to change the world for good. It's awesome to think about. And that's my interesting thing for today.