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Month of Interesting Things Day #8: Science of Knots
Sometimes, just common things in this world seem impossible to me, and that makes them interesting. Today, I'm going to talk about and link to an article about knots. It just seems spooky to me that you can put a bunch of cables in a drawer, nicely, and then a couple of days later go back to that same drawer, and the cables are in knots. It seems impossible to me. It's one of those magic things in this world like when you wash and dry a pair of socks, but for some reason you only find one of them when you fold your clothes.

Here is a link about the actual science of knots. It doesn't answer every question I have about how knots are formed, but I like that there is scientific experiments dedicated to this subject. I feel like there could be even more scientific experiments about knots, because really we are just grazing the surface of this subject.

Also, I found out that there is such a thing as speed cabling, which is essentially competition detangling of a bunch of cables. You can check that out here (two minutes 18 seconds long). Anyhow, that's what's interesting to me today.