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Month of Interesting Things Day #9: Inconsistencies with Beauty & the Beast
geek, Luke
Whenever I have downtime, and I do have a significant amount of downtime, I like to think about random stuff. I've been told that I overthink, and I probably do. So, today, I'm going to expound on the overthinking I've been doing on Disney's Beauty and the Beast. I have a lot of problems with this film, and that's sort of interesting. (Don't get me wrong; I do love the movie.)

First and foremost, the Prince's name is "Beast." I have a problem with that. Apparently, during the time that Beast and Belle were having their "getting to know you" montage, he never actually told her his real name (unless his real name is actually Beast). So, if in fact his real name is not Beast, how much can Belle actually know about him?

Secondly, there's the whole time frame problem. We know that the rose blooms until "Beast" turns 21. In the song, "Be Our Guest," Lumiere croons, "10 years we've been rusting needing so much more than dusting." That means that the oldest that "Beast" could have possibly been when he turned away the enchantress was 10 years old (almost 11). How messed up is that? He probably didn't even know that beauty is found within, because he probably hadn't even been taught that yet. He was just a child, for goodness sake! I think it's messed up that the enchantress thought that she could punish a child for turning away an old woman. (Also, "Beast" has a portrait of himself in the West Wing as a human, and he is clearly NOT 10 years old. What was that? Did someone paint that as a time elapsed portrait of what he would look like as a human 10 years older? Because that's cruel.)

Sidebar: I have other problems with the enchantress scenario. First of all, on a cold night, who actually goes to a castle to petition the royalty who live there to shelter them for a night in exchange for a measly flower? That's just not how the real world works, Enchantress. Can you imagine going up to a private mansion somewhere on a cold night with a flower and asking to stay there? No. It's preposterous. Also, doesn't 10-year-old "Beast" have servants who actually answer the door in the middle of the night? I think that was his first mistake. We know he has servants, but he just decided to get the door for this one night, and boom: transformed into a beast until he can learn a lesson. (Also, where are his parents?)

Another problem I have with the time frame is that Chip, Mrs. Potts's little teacup/son, is clearly younger than 10 years old. Which means he must have been born while Mrs. Potts was a teapot. How did that happen? Where is Mr. Potts in all of this? How did Mrs. Potts conceive/give birth to a teacup?

Also, I wanted to know what happened to all of the castle's original furniture/dinnerware/home decor/etc. When all of his servants became objects, did they just decide to throw the original stuff out? Or did it disappear? When everyone became unenchanted was the castle pretty much barren? Also, how messed up is it that the enchantress pretty much punished everyone in the entire castle for a 10-year-old Prince's small mistake?

And, my biggest issue of all with the film is the fact that everyone in Belle's town, a mere one day walk away from a giant castle, is completely unaware that there is a giant castle a mere one-day walk away from their town. If we accept that it has only been 10 years since the enchanted curse, do you think someone would have remembered that they were under the rule of royalty and that a giant castle existed? A decade really isn't that long. Was the entire town enchanted to forget about that? Also, if "Beast" is a Prince, WHERE ARE HIS PARENTS?

So, those are my thoughts on the film. Did I miss any inconsistencies? Can any of this be explained logically?

Also, to prove that actually do love the movie despite its obvious flaws, I have included a picture I drew of the enchanted rose below.