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Month of Interesting Things Day #10: Water, The Great Mystery
Today, for my interesting thing, I am posting a link to this great water documentary called "Water: The Great Mystery." (It has two parts, and is probably around 45 minutes long for both together.) I highly recommend this documentary because it poses some excellent questions about water, one of the most abundant resources on this planet. (Big thanks to my friend Doug, for sharing this with me.)

Despite its abundance, we know relatively little about it. While the documentary kind of goes into a pseudoscience involving crystals and the like, I still think it is something to think about. One of my favorite stories is about this sailing ship that caught fire back in the 1800s. They were without water for almost 3 weeks, and actually started drinking the ocean water, but before they started drinking the ocean water, they actually visualized the water turning from deadly salt water into life-giving fresh water. All survived. I have not been able to find any evidence to corroborate the story, which I am keen on doing before I fully believe it, but I really do think that water has magical properties, and perhaps people can influence water with their thoughts, actions and words. It's a science that we haven't fully realized yet, but when we do, it's going to be a game changer. Just watch the video and you'll understand!