January 13th, 2012

TV love

Month of Interesting Things Day #13: The Finder

Today, for my interesting thing I'm going to talk about a new TV show I just ordered watching yesterday called The Finder. I know it's not the coolest name they could have come up with, but it is a fantastic show, with interesting, believable characters. I saw the backdoor pilot last year on a BONES episode, and I couldn't wait for this show to finally FINALLY premiere. Usually when you wait a long time for something it has to be really really cool because of the build up and the waiting. Anyhow, it was totally worth it.

The series follows a guy named Walter who used to be in the military, but got discharged because of a brain injury. Not sure if this brain injury is the reason he is so good at finding things, but yeah, he's like really really good at finding things. And he does it in interesting and funny ways, and I really like this show so you should watch it too. It's on on Thursdays at 9 PM/8 PM Central on Fox.