January 14th, 2012

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Month of Interesting Things Day #14: The Future

Today, the interesting thing I'm going to talk about is the future. I'm really excited about the future because it's going to be awesome. They're going to be so many exciting technological leaps that we can't even imagine, today, what our world will even look like 10 years from now. And that will be a good thing, by my estimation. So, I talked about the coolest things I've ever heard of a while ago, and I'm going to link to them here and I suggest that you at least read through them. Some of the exciting things in the future are going to be: salt water fuel, poison cure, woolly mammoths coming back to life, better DNA profiling technology, insectlike robots, crashproof cars, humans as electricity, cyborg technology and more. The future is going to be super wild and exciting and awesome.

Below is a little comic I made about some of the exciting stuff we have to look forward to in the future.