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Month of Interesting Things Day #15: Elizabeth Gilbert on Nurturing Creativity
Kara Thrace
I had a pretty awesome Sunday today, despite being tired and achy. Went to my friend Skylar's mission farewell talk at 9 AM, and then went to my church at 1 PM.

We've been doing this thing where we eat really healthy fruits and vegetables at my house, and it's actually not so bad, but I was really hungry today, pretty much all day long. Probably because I woke up so early. Anyhow, today, my interesting thing is going to be semi-spiritual. I am linking to this TED talk given by Elizabeth Gilbert on the nature of genius.

This talk, which is nearly 20 minutes long, is great because she goes into detail about how creativity works, and what exactly is the idea of "genius" throughout time. For instance, in ancient Greece, a genius was actually something that people had, not something that they were. Each person had their own genius, and this fairylike entity sort of hung out in their abodes inspiring people to create. She also goes over how different people create their art, and that is really interesting, too. But the main idea of her talk is that we can't attribute everything that comes out of ourselves to ourselves. There is a higher power out there, and maybe we shouldn't take so much credit. Totally worth the 20 minutes. I have watched it a couple of times, and it brings me to tears because it's that inspirational.